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I’m Afsal Mubarak P Digital marketing expert in Calicut. I’ve never considered myself to be an SEO specialist or digital marketer in calicut. Still, I’ve always had a creative side, and it was this creative drive that eventually brought me to the thrilling world of digital marketing. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (B.Com) along with a diploma in Computer Applications and Digital marketing course at CDA Academy and am a Digital Marketing Intern at Quadcubes. I love to bring creative ideas to life, whether it’s by creating visually appealing ads or writing interesting articles. As a digital marketer, I combine creative flare with data-driven insights to produce memorable digital experiences.

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Let’s Explore Popular Skills & Experience

An organization’s online presence can be completely changed with skill and experience. As a Digital Marketing Expert in Calicut, I assisted a nearby bakery in increasing website traffic by 60% in just six months. Combining expertise in PPC, content creation, and analytics, I drive tangible results, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

My Skills
Graphic Design 78%
Photoshop 88%
Illustrator 86%
Canva 92%
My Experience
Website Designing 92%
Search Engine Optimisation 88%
Google Ads 94%
Social Media Marketing 88%

What I offer as a Digital Marketing Expert in Calicut

I learned a lot about marketing in Kerala and used that knowledge and real-world experience to become a top digital marketing expert in Calicut With this mix of smarts and experience, I can handle anything the ever-changing world of digital marketing throws my way, and I get great results for my clients!


As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, SEO boosts online visibility. For instance, optimizing a local bakery's website can increase foot traffic by ranking higher in searches.


As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, SMM helps businesses grow. For instance, Zomato uses Twitter for customer feedback, improving services and increasing user satisfaction.

Web UI Designing​

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, web UI design makes websites easy to use. For example, Amazon’s simple layout helps users find products quickly and easily.

Google Ads

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, I suggest using Google Ads for better reach. A local gym increased membership sign-ups by targeting fitness enthusiasts through tailored ads.

Graphic Design

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, I see graphic design as essential. For instance, Apple’s sleek visuals enhance brand identity and attract customers. Design effectively boosts engagement.

WordPres Developer

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, WordPress developers create custom sites like TechCrunch and Etsy, enhancing functionality and design for businesses.

"What Exactly Offers Digital Marketing the Game-Changer by the Time of 2024: Key Trends and Strategies"

Digital marketing will continue to grow quickly in 2024. digital marketing expert in Calicut understand that companies must keep abreast of the latest advancements in voice search optimization, video advertising, and artificial intelligence integration to remain competitive. In order to enhance the consumer experience, data analytics, and personalization are essential. Companies must be adaptable if they want to react fast to shifting consumer demands and technical developments.

Key trends of digital marketing in 2024

AI and machine learning integration is the process of using sophisticated algorithms to analyze data, forecast customer behavior, and personalize interactions in digital marketing.

By modifying SEO tactics to incorporate conversational and natural language keywords, content can be more easily found on voice-activated devices. This is known as optimizing for voice search.

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, variation of content entails varying the kinds and styles of material, including as blogs, videos, podcasts, and infographics, to engage various audience preferences and improve overall engagement.

Personalization and the customer experience in digital marketing are focused on using data to create offers and content that are tailored to the preferences of each user, boosting engagement and building brand loyalty within the customer base.

In order to increase organic traffic, a digital marketing expert in Calicut believes that optimizing content for information panels, featured searches, and other prominent positions on search engine results pages, or SERPs, is a crucial component of search engine optimization and Serps features.

Strategies of digital marketing in 2024

By concentrating on high-quality content, you can produce informative, interesting, and timely content that appeals to your target market and increases engagement and brand loyalty.

Improving customization entails, as a digital marketing expert in Calicut, using data insights to send tailored offers and communications to specific consumers, increasing interaction and forging closer bonds with them.

Establishing trust and loyalty with clients via genuine, open communication and cooperation is the foundation of developing true connections.

Maintaining agility and adaptability entails always improving and upgrading your marketing techniques as a digital marketing expert in Calicut, in order to react quickly to new trends and shifts in consumer behavior.


Ensuring data privacy and compliance involves adhering to regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and transparently communicating data usage practices to build trust and protect customer information.

Digital marketing places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethics, and one of its main components is giving moral business ideals and ecologically friendly operations priority. This assists companies in building a reputation for social responsibility and connecting with morally aware customers.


Display my digital marketing qualifications as proof of my expertise as a freelance digital marketing expert in Calicut. These qualifications highlight my dedication to providing excellent solutions that are customized to satisfy the various demands and objectives of clients.


Online Marketing's Future: A look at how things are Evolving! My Thoughts as a Digital Marketing Expert in Calicut

Frequently Asked Questions

Afsal Mubarak P, a digital marketing Expert in Calicut, In the field of digital marketing, he goes as Afsal professionally, Afsal is an expert in content generation, social media management, SEO, and other facets of digital marketing. On his portfolio website, afsalmubarakp.com, you may find out more about Afsal’s qualifications and offerings. Being heavily involved in several initiatives has made me a leading Calicut  digital marketing expert.

I’ve collaborated with businesses in both the B2B and B2C domains. Whether you’re targeting businesses or consumers, as a digital marketing expert in Calicut, I can develop tailored strategies that connect to those who matter and deliver measurable outcomes.

We can adjust our price schedule to suit your unique requirements and goals. As independent digital marketing experts in Calicut, we understand that every project is different. We provide you with a customized estimate based on a number of parameters, including the project’s complexity, scope, and intended results.

Please send us an email at

if you’re having any inquiries concerning costs.

As a digital marketing expert in Calicut, I provide a variety of services, such as content creation, social media management, email marketing, and SEO. In addition to managing PPC ads, I also build and manage websites, offer tracking and analytics, increase conversion rates, and offer creative services like logo and video creation.

As a digital marketing specialist in Calicut, my work stands out due to my strategic approach, data-driven procedures, creative solutions, and commitment to client success. My major objective is to create enduring alliances based on transparency, honesty, and measurable outcomes.

To effectively engage with your target audience, you must be aware of their demographics, interests, and online habits. to gather insightful data, develop buyer profiles, conduct comprehensive market research, and use data analytics.As a self-employed digital marketing expert in Calicut, you can use targeted ads on the websites of your choosing, create messaging and content that appeal to your target audience, and use social media, email marketing, and online advertising to promote engagement.

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